Benefits of TiE Membership

What are the benefits provided by TiE
July 4, 2019

TiE is the largest non-profit organization for entrepreneurs in all industries. It offers enormous benefits by connecting the entrepreneurs through its five foundational programs - Mentoring, Networking, Education, Funding and Incubation. It focuses to generate and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. Tie organizes top-notch programs, events, forums, mentoring programs for the members.

TiE opens the door for aspiring entrepreneurs and motivates to grow their business. There are a large number of serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists involved in each TiE chapter who are well versed with advising on business strategies and investment options. As a TiE member, you can have the opportunity to attend a knowledge sharing session with successful entrepreneurs and enhance your business skills.

Tie Members and Their Benefits:

TiE Members are young professionals and entrepreneurs who are at their entry level in the business. They aim to form a new business, learn emerging technologies and moves successfully in their career. These members are assisted by entrepreneurs in TiE chapters by conducting programs and events to shine in their entry level in the business. These members get a chance to connect with experts, mentors, and influencers who can support their entrepreneurship. They have the opportunity to gain benefits from mentoring sessions from experienced professionals. And also, they can have discounted attendance for TiE events like TiE Global Summit, TiE Con, etc.

Charter Members and Their Benefits:

TiE Charter Members (CMs) are successful, high-profile entrepreneurs who have already reached a stage in their professional life. If they are willing, they can contribute to other fellow members. These members have a strong desire to help other entrepreneurs in the community. The Charter Membership can be accepted by invitation only which are subjected to a process prescribed by Tie bylaws.

These members benefit from networking with other entrepreneurs and also participates in startups in many ways. Charter members can have the opportunity to attend any monthly events as a speaker or panel members. They can also serve as a mentor by guiding other entrepreneurs with new ideas in their business. These members can avail complimentary attendance to all Flagship events hosted by TiE chapters all around the world. Charter Members are also invited to make their presence in local Chapter's exclusive events like entrepreneurship-focused organizations, holiday parties, and entertainment mixers.

Student Members and Their Benefits:

TiE Student Members are enrolled in their high school or university for those who are interested in learning business basics, entrepreneurship and latest trends in the industry. These members can participate in student programs like TiE Young Entrepreneurs, TiE University Cup, and other local chapter programs. Student Members can learn about entrepreneurship by attending BootCamp Sessions, TiE Institute, etc. And also, they can acquire the opportunity to connect with mentors and also as an intern in TiE member companies. These members can also attend TiE events like flagship events such as TiECon, TiE Global Summit.

Here some of the benefits of TiE membership are mentioned below

1. Access to TiE Events:

TiE members can attend the events that are featured by successful entrepreneurs, prominent speakers, mentor-mentee sessions and skill development programs.

2. Active Mentor Network:

You can connect with your Mentors professionally and personally to seek guidance on any critical situations in planning the business, investing funds, etc.

3. Share Common Interests:

You can have the opportunity to engage with professionals who are working in the similar domain. It will be helpful in enhancing your entrepreneurship skills and network with other professionals.

4. One-to-One Mentoring Opportunity:

As a TiE member, you can have the opportunity to mentor one-to-one throughout the year based upon the request.

5. Forum to Showcase your Business:

TiE offers formal and informal opportunities and forums to showcase your experiences by highlighting success stories, via business competitions, etc.

Thus, the TiE membership can be availed by joining the organization and the fee varies depending on the type of membership based on the subscription. Join TiE and avail enormous benefits in enhancing your entrepreneurship skills.