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Somasundaram A

Essilor Sankar & Co Optis Pvt Ltd

Mr.A.Somasundaram is basically from business family. He completed his Charter Accountancy and entered into business. He started companies like Somu Fabricators and Sankar & Co Vision care Division with no technical knowledge. The Somu Fabricators were All India No.1 for 12 years and he has been honoured with many awards like Young Businessman Award in the year 1990. In the year 2008 Sankar & Co Vision Care Division became partner with Essilor. Seeing his involvement towards growth of Essilor Sankar & Co, the company has been featured in the Annual Report representing India.

Mr.Somasundaram is an active Rotary Member and has done many successful projects for Rotary like Crematorium, Vocational Training Centres. He is the Chairman of Mettupalayam Crematorium. He is Charter TiE Member and focuses on upbringing of the young entrepreneurs. His vision for serving the society makes him to be part of Essilor Vision Foundation. The foundation organizes free eye camp in association with Aravind Eye Hospital and provides spectacle to the needy people at remote villages.

Mr.Somasundaram is a man with great financial discipline. His step towards success is positive thinking, treating all equally, and being humble to everyone.